Tain & District YMCA

  • Contact Person: Graham Nutt
  • Email: graham@tainyouthcafe.co.uk
  • Telephone: 01862 894 252
  • Address: 17 Stafford Street, Tain, IV19 1AZ
  • Hours of Business: Ad-hoc
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About Tain & District YMCA

The Tain Youth Café is a purpose built facility for young people in the middle of the town that is open five nights a week as a youth centre attracting up to 120 young people from the town and the neighbouring villages.

A busy programme of activities and events is designed around the needs of the young people in Tain with a strong focus on developing young leaders physically, spiritually and emotionally. Streetwork, sports programmes that tour the Highlands and a wide range of groupwork add to high profile events that together make Tain YMCA a transformational place for local young people.