The fact that YMCA Scotland is just a small part of this huge global youth organisation means that there is a world of opportunity for our young people in learning beyond our shores. Many of our YMCAs will enjoy a range of exchange and learning opportunities in partnership with local YMCAs in other countries.

Mike Will MBE (Vice President and former Chair of YMCA Scotland) was elected to serve as President of YMCA Europe at the European YMCA General Assembly held in Madrid in May 2016.

In the past  year young people from Scotland participated in International YMCA events in Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland,  Spain, Ukraine, Denmark, USA and the Czech Republic and hosted a group from the Netherlands.

In April 2017 YMCA Scotland is delighted to be hosting the YMCA Europe General Assembly in Edinburgh.


In 2014-15 the YMCA movement across the world embarked on an ambitious piece of research called One Million Voices. It sought to present the views of a million young people from at least 90 countries using a robust research methodology validated in partnership with the University of Stirling.

YMCA Scotland used the research from One Million Voices in Scotland to create their manifesto for the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May 2016.


In Spring 2017 YMCA Scotland will be working with the World YMCA to implement One Million Voices II; a piece of secondary research using focus groups of young people aged 16-25 years.

YMCA World Council

Fourteen delegates represented Scotland at the event including three delegates representing Scotland at the YMCA retirees conference that ran in parallel to the main programme. The theme of the Council was Youth Empowerment and it provided a platform for 220 change agents from around the world (including 2 young Scots) to lead and facilitate the programme.

This created a very vibrant conference inspired by strong vision and leadership from the World Alliance and driven by the energy of the change agents. The week also included delivery of two Scottish YMCA workshops, one on social impact bonds and another on the plusone mentoring programme which was delivered in partnership with the Canadian YMCA.