A global movement
working in young people's lives

YMCA engages 58 million people in 119 countries across the globe.

It is a very closely connected organisation and here you can find some of the key international links and programmes that YMCA Scotland is engaged in…


YMCA’s youth work training college based in London has developed a nationwide reputation for its leading distance learning programmes right up to degree level. The College employs a Scottish Development worker and delivers youth work training to hundreds of students across the UK every year.

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YMCA Scotland is a member of YMCA Europe the regional grouping of national YMCA movements from across the continent. As a network we gather every year for an annual conference, we meet as Chief Executives, as young leaders, as staff and volunteer groups to share practice, to work together and to learn from each other.

The YMCA Europe Festival took place in Prague in August 2013 attracting 5000 young people from all over the world and including over 100 from Scotland. The event which was chaired by one of our, Chief Executive, Kerry Reilly, provided a very rich learning environment for our young people as they enjoyed fun and laughter, learning and sharing together with so many different cultures.

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YMCA operates in 119 countries throughout the world. Use the links below to connect to the YMCA network across the globe.


YMCAs in Europe

YMCAs Worldwide