YMCA Glenrothes celebrates 60th Anniversary

6 August 2018

Last Friday, YMCA Glenrothes celebrated its 60th birthday. At the celebration, staff and volunteers took their guests on a walk through the decades.

To showcase the key milestones of the YMCA’s history, the team had turned the sports hall into an interactive museum. Guests were invited to visit booths that represented a decade of the charity’s work. Staff had dressed up to match the decade of the booth they were manning.

Mary Hill, Chief Executive Officer said:  “I received several fantastic comments from our guests.  All of them felt inspired, uplifted and much more knowledgeable about the YMCA and its history.  They particularly enjoyed the staff’s dressing up and their living the Walk through the Decades.”

YMCA Glenrothes took this opportunity to present awards to young people in recognition of their achievements.

Mary Hill said: “There is so much admiration for YMCA young people, their past journeys and how they overcome obstacles to achieve great things. Our guests particularly enjoyed the awards ceremony, seeing young people receive commendations and understanding how they had made real progressive steps with the support of staff.”

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